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Carmen Electra and Joe at the Hollywood Beauty Awards

Carmen Electra and Joe at the Hollywood Beauty Awards
Photo by Faye Sadou

Joe’s adult shows include corporate parties, birthday, surprise and retirement parties, weddings and groups such as the Elks, Masons, and Rotary Clubs.

In adult party shows (for individuals and organizations), Joe’s clients can get his basic customization. Joe spices the show with inside jokes and references at no extra expense. Shows also contain his famous ventriloquism lip sync where volunteers are donning crazy wigs lip sync a rock oldie, using voices “thrown” by Joe — plus the highly popular “ventriloquism mask” bit where someone puts on a mask and turns into a human dummy (with Joe supplying the voices).

Rick Raven poses for a photo

Rick Raven poses for a photo

Joe and his friends can also “roast” special guests of honor or be an emcee.

When he does strolling ventriloquism at private adult parties, he “switches off” on his state-of-the-art dummies and puppets, using a large number of characters in a given time frame. During an adult Halloween party, he used nine characters in a 2 1/2 hour period.

Some feedback:

“Joe has performed at Casa four times now and he always steals the show. He comes on time, prepared, and with MANY different characters to keep it fresh. This last time, he was at Casa for our annual Halloween party, which is the biggest event of the year. He walked table to table with different characters and got residents engaged and laughing! Thanks again, Joe!”

– Casa de Manana, La Jolla, CA

“Joe is a great entertainer, and his show is excellent for the kids as well as adults. He has a wide variety of puppets, so the show is fast moving and fun. I had my grandkids for a birthday party, and they loved Joes show. Hire Joe and make any party a hit. Good wholesome entertainment for people of all ages. Check his videos on youtube.”

– Marc P., La Jolla, CA
Joe and Arlen Arlington Entertain

Joe and Arlen Arlington

“I hired Joe to entertain my guests at the end of an elegant dinner. After a short set up, he did an hour long show. My guests were thrilled and he kept the guests engaged the entire time. It was just some good clean fun without politics or foul language. Highly recommend this performer!”

– Tim R, Desert Hot Springs, CA

“Joe and his cast put on a great show our group…50 guests ranging from 5 years old to 100…!!! He was very accommodating with the schedule and asked questions ahead of time to include personal tidbits in his act. Everyone enjoyed the show!”

– Greg Y., Houston, TX

“Joe is a true professional. He brought a variety of his “friends” with him and kept our adult audience thoroughly entertained. He customized the show for our event (the Placentia Library Author’s Luncheon), and he called out several audience members per our request. We very very pleased with his performance and would definitely recommend him for any party or event!”

– Lisa P., Placentia, CA
Dolly Raven entertains a guest

Dolly Raven entertains a guest

“Joe was great to work with and even though he had other bookings in other parts of the county that day, he went out of his way to make arrangements for us in order to be at our party on time. Joe was great in staying in touch with us before the party and even after. As for his performance, everyone was in stitches and everyone loved his large array of puppet friends. Our residents continued to talk about the party and entertainment for weeks afterward. If you are looking for good clean family entertainment and love to laugh, then Joe is the man to call. Thank you Joe. We are still thinking about you and will use you again should the need arise. We love you and your friends!”

– Tauna M., Oceanside, CA

“Joe Gandelman and his “friends” performed a one-hour show for our mystery group, which consists of 30 men and women ranging in age from mid-60s to late 70’s. The show was in Woodland Hills, California, and Joe had to travel 120+ miles from his home in San Diego. Right from the beginning, he was extremely easy to work with, very flexible, and made a point of arriving very early to our event. He brought an impressive array of puppets, each having its own unique personality. Joe brought certain pre-selected members of the audience up to the front to help perform some very funny bits. He provided a segment where he explained to our group some of the secrets of being a ventriloquist and throwing your voice, showed us how a puppet is constructed and how it works, and even had a volunteer from the audience come up and try it out! Everyone seemed to love the show, and we, the planners, received many compliments on his performance. He is a true professional, and I would recommend him for any age group that loves to have fun!!!”

– Bruce R., Chatsworth

“Joe is the quintessential entertainer; his talent is joyful, sweet, funny and compelling, Joe “carries” an engaging variety of styles and characters. He is professional at every level, especially in regards to communication, punctuality, and reliability. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his birthday surprise (for which Joe, got up at 4 am). Five stars.”

– Deb Silver, singer and composer
Joe and Joel the Troll dress up for the crowd.

Joe and Joel the Troll dress up for the crowd

“I want to thank you for the wonderful show you put on at The House of Pacific Relations. We represent thirty-two countries. I had a friend from England with me, and he said he has seen many ventriloquists, but you are the best!”

– Show at Balboa Park, San Diego

“You went the extra mile and wrote special material that pertained to our group and presented that as well. You got our event off to a rip-roaring start, broke the ice, and entertained us all in grand style. Even the old grumps in our membership were laughing. The celebrity sitting at my table was falling off her chair. I think she wanted to take you home with her!”

– Way Out West Tent, Sons of the Desert (Laurel & Hardy society), Universal City, CA
Joe and Arlen Arlington meet David Putnam at the Author's Luncheon

Joe and Arlen Arlington meet David Putnam

“Many favorable comments were heard from the audience after your presentation. I know I’m always in awe of a good ventriloquist!”

– Retired Officers Association, Camp Pendleton, CA

“Especially impressive was your range of characters and your ability to entertain a widely diverse audience. The group of 320 people ranged in age from early 20s to late 70s, yet all found your show very funny!”

– Congregation Beth El, La Jolla, CA
Joe and Joel the Troll

Joe and Joel the Troll

“Joe made a huge effort to personalize his show for my husbands 50th birthday party. He had a good number of characters, which kept the show very entertaining and interesting. We loved how he brought five persons up on stage and interacted with the crowd. It was hilarious. We had a number of different ages there from 3 yrs. old to 60 something and everyone enjoyed the performance. Thank you, Joe, for making my husbands 50th party a huge success!”

– Christine R. , Escondido, CA

“Joe and his friends performed for my husband’s 60th birthday and the show was amazing. Joe did a great job in adding a personal touch to his show by talking about my husband’s love of fishing. It was very funny, very entertaining. The show stopper was having our adult children perform with Joe at the end of the show! Everyone absolutely loved it. Thank you, Joe for making my husband’s 60th even more special.”

– Vivian J., Riverside, CA
Lisa Stanley welcomes Joe to the Hollywood Beauty Awards

Lisa Stanley welcomes Joe to the Hollywood Beauty Awards
Photo by Faye Sadou

“It was very easy to work with Joe — he was very organized and clear in describing what he needed. He helped us to provide him with appropriate information that he then incorporated seamlessly (and humorously!!) into his act, much to my father in law’s delight! He also asked guests to participate — with hilarious results! It was wonderful to see my 11-year-old son and his octogenarian relatives try to outdo each other as “novice ventriloquists” . . . Thank you, Joe, for helping to make my father in law’s celebration so wonderful. When he first requested a ventriloquist, we weren’t sure what to expect — you helped us fulfill his dream!”

– Lydia J, Los Angeles, CA

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